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Founded Heist for out of my love for clothing and streetwear and back then, there weren’t many established and local saudi brands. I wanted to create something new and develop it; our first collection consisted of multiple pieces that visualized poverty challenges and ways we could fight the fight, to eliminate its aggression.


We donated 10% of our proceeds to people in need during the month of Ramadan, where a team of 27 passionate volunteers participated to support the community for an ‘Iftar Sai’m’ campaign.

In return, volunteers felt the beauty of connecting with their values and feeling gratitude.


Our Second collection was an idea of something I always wanted to do -

When I had the clear platform to conduct this; a workshop for children in orphanages.

A workshop to teach them art; to show these little children they’re capable of creating beauty.

Another aim for our workshops is that we have the children socialize together and connect.

One workshop with these kids, and anyone would feel enough love for the rest of time.


After our workshop, we extracted the children’s art to create a t-shirts collection. The collection

Sold out, twice and has been displayed in a number of local concept stores. Each child received their own t-shirts to keep, be proud of to make them know, they are capable.



With COVID-19 hitting, Heist slew down, PNTD came up


During quarantine days, my PNTD partner, Said Sabban and I wanted to elevate and grow something together. While brainstorming in separate cars - we thought of how fragile the earth is.

Then and there, we wanted to make a change, the change we were able to to do, and give something for the society to participate in as well. We had many items in our wardrobes that weren’t used enough, we both loved art and had an artist friend to assist.


Now people can recycle their favorite fashion pieces to reuse them, and it also becomes a work of art. PNTD offers the concept of renewing your old [sneakers, bags, wallets or jackets] almost anything with a 3-step service [Customize - Clean - Do the Art] and then definitely enjoy giving life back to what was once your favorite piece.



Growing steadily, and due to COVID-19 quarantine rise of new businesses, many people have reached out to me, in order to assist in creating, manufacturing, and launching a brand. Another opportunity I saw on the line. I then, started to offer these services professionally. Delving into the world of manufacturing, I stumbled upon a perfumery - another light bulb moment, where I came up with my latest concept, 107, a  perfume brand communicating feelings of certain times.

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