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Thank you for applying to fill our Creative Consultant position.

Below are main job role responsibilities and day-to-day activities, - We are a small business, and all work together on many things but we promise it's always fun.

Social Marketing Consulting 

Research trends, insights and be knowledgeable of industry and its news

Drafting Social and Content Strategies

Meeting with clients, assessing needed services and creating packages

Creative Content Creation

Drafting Social Media Calendars, Producing Content or leading process, preparing calendars

Accounts & Team Management

Overlooking and supervising social client accounts, including moderation and managing internal project  team 

This is a day-in-the-life at M/C3 assessment for your role as Creative Consultant

Years of ExeprienceFresh1 Year2 Years3 Years4 Years +Years of Exeprience
The first thing you’ll do
Thank you for submitting. We will be in contact with you in short days. 

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Imagine you’re here in office with us and answer the below prompts - (no wrong answers)

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