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I’m really honored to be a part of the M/C3 #team, which I find to be a very healthy and loving environment.

During my internship course, I looked for a creative agency where I can learn and add value from what I’ve learned from my years at college.

Being in the field showed me how it differs from being a student.

My years at college taught me basics of design, how to think, how to research, and how to use the tools but working in an agency has taught me how to deal with a client, how to use different elements and challenge yourself to get out from your comfort zone.

As a student you don’t have that much of responsibilities except for your grades and passing your courses, unlike being an employee, where you have to meet the deadlines with no excuses and bring the best you can, out.

The feeling of seeing your work come to life is something else, it pays off all the years you spent learning and trying.

Work with passion, be patient, make yourself proud, never stop learning, and keep the good vibes!


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