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Spring Re-set this Ramadan

Spring Re-set this Ramadan

Can you relate? I've always been one to be very excited about New Years' resolutions, but always seemed to struggle sticking by them - With that frustration, it always felt slow and morbid to start the year with a set batch of goals, and actually actioning them. However, every spring, I start to feel more alive and more passionate to create and accomplish.

Then, recently, I read that astrologically the year starts at spring equinox - which happened to be on March 20th this year, falling in Ramadan. Another favorite time of the year, when I feel calm and serene, and refreshed after.

Spring equinox is "the time at which the sun crosses the plane of the equator towards the relevant hemisphere, making day and night of equal length" as Google defined it - but it also marks the first day of spring, just as nature awakens, energetically, we feel more alive. Making it the perfect time to reflect, reset and renew.

Spring Re-set this Ramadan

As the first time intentionally trying to spring re-set this Ramadan, I started by practicing a manifestation process made up of 3 these steps

  1. Cord-cutting: Releasing of Old Patterns

  2. Journaling: Intensions & Manifestations

  3. Visualizing: Manifestations as Reality

"Cord cutting is a powerful ritual that involves severing energetic ties to people, situations, or emotions that no longer serve our highest good. Just as the trees shed their old leaves to make way for new growth, we too can release what no longer serves us during the spring equinox."

I took some time to reflect on any attachments or patterns that are holding me back. Then I visualized cutting these strings attached. You can do this through visualization, meditation or even literally cutting a symbolic cord. As you let go of the old, make space for new opportunities and experiences to enter your life.

Journaling your intentions and manifestations is like planting seeds that you can see grow, if we were to relate it to spring. Manifesting is a generally powerful tool that helps us clarify and realize our dreams and perfect visions.

This spring, be specific, loud and be fearless as you set intentions and manifest them. You can enjoy this as a research and feel process. Go on Pinterest, pin your dream life and it's aesthetic, create a storyline, take this manifested character on vacation, go wild. Read more on shaping this character or alter-ego in a previous post here.

This is what I do. I take it as a project I'm about to begin creating or designing for - I just get online and gather; then, I disconnect fully from technology, and I go deep in my head. I start daydreaming of the life I want, and from there I journal the points.

To make it easier to follow through: I do kind of create themes for my manifestations - just to make them easier to remember. I, personally, don't manifest things that are very specific. I choose a broader theme to help guide me through that picture perfect vision.

For example, my manifested themes this spring are really inspired from "Eat, Pray, Love" - Eat clean, Pray consistently, and do more of what I Love. With eat cleaner comes the ultimate goal of feeling better in my skin, and feeling more confident. Praying consistently pushes me to practice more consistency in my life and achieve a spiritual goal - as for doing more of what I love will push me to create more and grow my entrepreneurial vision.

Visualizing intentions is the most fun part for me. Close your eyes and create a mental picture of your desired life. Close your eyes and visualize yourself achieving those goals, with ease and grace. Feel the emotions that come with it. The spring equinox is a potent time to visualize, the energy of renewal and growth is all around us. Use this energy and take it to your advantage, visualize and bring your dreams to life - This is a practice that I would suggest you carry on through the season, whenever you need that motivation or push. I will try practicing it daily, stack it with another habit like driving, falling asleep - to avoid thinking I don't have time for it. Try this!

Spring Re-set this Ramadan

So then I asked Martin, aka AI - to share activities to gracefully transition into spring this Ramadan, & here's what Martin suggested: (I'll try practicing this in the coming days)

  1. Cultivating Mindfulness in Nature: Take advantage of the blooming beauty of spring by spending time outdoors in nature. Try doing it late in the afternoon, or right before Maghreb praryer. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and scents of the natural world. Use this time to practice mindfulness, reflecting on the signs of divine creation all around you.

  2. Nourishing the Body with Seasonal Foods: Spring brings an abundance of fresh, seasonal produce bursting with flavor and nutrients. Embrace the art of mindful eating by incorporating these seasonal fruits and vegetables into your Ramadan meals. From vibrant salads to light soups and refreshing smoothies, let the colors and flavors of spring nourish your body and soul.

  3. Decluttering the Mind and Space: Just as we clean and declutter our homes in preparation for Ramadan, spring offers an opportunity to declutter our minds and inner spaces. Set aside time for reflection, journaling, and meditation to clear away mental clutter and cultivate a sense of inner peace. Additionally, consider tidying up your physical space, letting go of excess belongings and creating a harmonious environment conducive to spiritual growth.

  4. Connecting with Community: Spring is a time of growth and renewal, making it the perfect season to strengthen bonds within your community. Reach out to friends, family, and neighbors, sharing meals, prayers, and acts of kindness together during Ramadan. Participate in community service projects or organize gatherings that foster unity, compassion, and solidarity.

  5. Setting Intentional Goals: As you embark on your spring reset journey this Ramadan, set intentional goals that align with your values and aspirations. Whether it's deepening your spiritual practice, improving your health and wellness, or cultivating gratitude and compassion, articulate your intentions clearly and take actionable steps towards manifesting them throughout the season.

Spring is a season of hope, growth, and renewal—a time to shed the old and embrace the new. As we go through Ramadan amidst the blossoming beauty of nature, let us use this opportunity to reset, recharge, and realign with our highest selves. By incorporating these practices this spring, we can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual renewal this spring.

I hope you bloom to the life you dream of 🤍

Love, always


Spring Re-set this Ramadan


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