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Summer Interns '22

Sara Idris

I am Sara Idris and I had the pleasure of being a summer intern at M/C3. At first the thought of interning in an agency was terrifying for me, but as soon as I had my interview at M/C3 I felt at ease. The atmosphere of the workplace is extremely comforting and easy going which had me hooked from the start. Out of all the agencies I have applied to, M/C3 is the agency that had me on my toes waiting to be accepted as an intern. I was ecstatic to know that I’ve been accepted and as I started to work here, my standards have been set so high when it comes to work spaces. I never thought that I would experience such joy and positivity in working in my field of studies. Apart from having an amazing workspace, I have learned so much in so little time. I have learned so many techniques and terminologies when it comes to designing, and the adobe programs, especially when it comes to photoshop. Another thing that I’ve got to experience firsthand is actual client meetings and how they work. What makes learning here better is that everyone is so easy to approach with any help you need, and not a single time I have felt invalidated by anyone from the team. It was an absolute pleasure working here for the summer and if I had the capabilities to extend my time here, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Dana Al Mohammadi

Being an intern at MC/3 was a unique experience where I was challenged, inspired, and learned something new every day. From the first day I walked in until leaving a month later, I gained so much knowledge and experience. Throughout my internship I handled various tasks ranging from branding, social media, content creation and much more. Though I had minimal experience, it was something I was passionate about and was eager to learn. I was involved in numerous interesting projects and got to witness the amazing intricate planning and effort that goes on behind the scenes. My internship has taught me a lot about my skill set and given me confidence in my own abilities and guided my career aspirations. I left my internship with a toolbox much fuller than when I started, which wouldn’t have been possible without the MC/3 team, who were welcoming, warm, and supportive each step of the way.

Joud Zahran

Hello, my name is Joud Zahran, and I am a graphic design intern at M/C3 Maison Creative. With the time I spent working with the team, I can confidently say that this place will help me grow as a designer and understand what is expected of me in the future.

It is a comfortable environment where everyone works together and aids one another.

I truly appreciated the time they took to make a weekly schedule on what our focus will be on each week. As a student, I was not used to working at a certain pace; however, with their push, I feel like I could work faster than before, as I learned that finishing projects and tasks as quickly as possible is essential in the field. I enjoyed the variations of tasks I was required to do as it pushed me out of my comfort zone. My favorite part was the workshops we had every Thursday as they focused on a certain topic and a challenge. Overall, my experience with M/C3 has been wonderful and I time that will shape the type of designer I will be.


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