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A young girl - and her dreams.

I write this now - as the last task on our [Website Launch] project. Everything is set - Anniversary party in hours,

Little did [10 years younger] I, know - that my post great presentation day dreams, my 4AM vision board sessions, or my imaginary-planning would actually be a reality I live today (often times, taken for granted)

Today, I type with my heart at full content (& gratitude) - taking me back to the Start of it All

Far and away, during a heartfelt and warm winter night, I spoke about something I wanted to create one day, a dream,

It was one of those inspirational nights that you would see beauty in everything and your heart being at full content. M/C3 - Maison Creative, then was born in my heart. and ever since, I've manifested, envisioned, dreamt and also worked hard - and loved every bit of it.

and I think this is the missing piece of puzzle for most unhappy/career people - Passion

Sometimes interests grow into something so powerful we often call passion; you start burning with an idea and it becomes all you are and all you want to be. To find something that makes you feel that way is bliss; but to put it into perspective is what makes it magical.

Passion into Perspective /

"Why are you killing yourself?" was often the sentence I heard every time I looked a mess after an all-nighter at school or had my lunch in the car, running from class to my (super cool - Event, PR, Designer, Store Manager, Photographer, Friends with the Boss) job.

All I could think of then, is that I enjoyed feeling exhausted the night before a big launch party I was planning, assisting one of the most hard-working women I've met. I enjoyed falling asleep in my jeans, to wake up feeling very grateful to have been 110% ready for my presentation - Truth is, I find joy in working hard for something I believe in or wholly enjoy.

I found passion and I made a career out of it -

I was also always surrounded by people that felt the same burn for their career - our conversations would greatly be on growth, future and how we were all very sure we would make it big someday. That changed me a lot, too.

Right after graduating university in Miami early 2015, and with little experience - I wanted to go ahead and start out on my own. I did, and (seriously speaking) I started from out of the basement.

I set an office in an extra room at my family's house

I created a services list

Worked on branding [Maison Creative] click to view our first branding from 2015

Developed a Business Plan and a Marketing Plan (that I never really used)

and Waited for Business...

Surprisingly, I got a few projects - from friends, friends-of-friends, family members and their friends - It started to grow and things looked great

I worked on projects bigger than I've ever imagined, met with great and wonderful people - started getting there.

With little experience, and (then) lack of commitment and 0 financial awareness - I was not able to sustain the growth.

I Failed - I lost clients, I lost the momentum, the excitement and the motivation

Thankfully, with my mother and a friend's push - I applied for a job - learning again, learning more is something necessary to growth.

I've been lucky enough to work with a few of the coolest, brightest and most creative people in the industry, here in Jeddah at The Social Clinic.

Starting out as a Junior and growing into Manager - with the guidance of [a master of productivity] mentor.

Adjacent to my growth at the job - M/C3 has been running on the sideline. I would take projects to work on during the weekends, or long breaks - and it started growing into, weekdays morning (job) and night (m/c3) shift. With another growth spark - I felt ready. I wasn't sure it was going to work this time but I was ready

Today, I am very grateful to be celebrating one year of M/C3 - along with my super team.

All this, is all of us 5 - and every person I learned something from.

with so much Love, x

Yara A Nagro /


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